Visual Classics

Music and visual emotion

Here the pictures are the accompaniment to the music – unlike the film music, where the music is the background of the pictures.

The short film underlines the ideas that the piece of music arouses when listening. In this way, an abstract “pure” piece of music becomes a cinematic reality. The images arise from the character of the music and its mood and atmosphere; they can be influenced by the content of the composer’s specifications, by titles or texts. The perhaps well-known pieces of music gain new aspects and the images make the musical experiences memorable and also anchor them. This gives the musical interpretation an additional, individual creative note.

The film critic Bela Balázs characterized it like this: “I can imagine an organic connection between the“ pure music ”and the film: That the music would not be the accompaniment to the pictures, but the pictures appear as the accompaniment to the music would. The ideas that a piece of music arouses while listening, the fantasies that pass us like a drifting cloud, music would be the reality. The images that subconsciously resonate. Not set to music, but filmed sound “.