The Russian-born writer, essayist and psychoanalyst Lou Andreas-Salomé met Friedrich Nietzsche in the spring of 1882 at the Malwida von Meysenburgs Salon in Rome. Salomé, who at this time was already in intellectual contact with numerous great minds of the time, developed a platonic love affair with the philosopher.

He saw his creative power endangered by Salomé’s feedback on his own work, but the personal and intellectual aspects of this relationship had a strong impact on his thinking and his work.

The literary focus of the soiree is formed by the letters and diaries of Lou Salome and works by Friedrich Nietzsche, implemented in the form of scenic dialogue.

The musical framework is provided by compositions for piano by Schumann, Nietzsche, Wagner, Scriabin, Lourrie and Rachmaninoff.

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Friedrich Nietsche

Beyond Good and Evil


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