Moving Classics – Modern Piano Music

Piano music in the 21st century is very rich. We have an enormous variety of styles, different combinations of genres and elements. Imagine how exciting it is to see the birth of a new composition and to talk to the person who created it, hear what he wanted to say and who he or she is. So many interesting composers deserve more attention! They live our time and reflect it in their music! Your compositions are our music.

Why zeitgeisty music?

Contemporary music by contemporary composers is inspiring and optimistic. The works want to create a balance in a world of increasing intensity, in which many things are faster, more complex and more extreme.

The new music does not consist of atonal harmonies and complex compositions, but of refreshing, calm, cheerful and optimistic sounds with distinctive melodies in which the power of life is expressed. They develop a calming, often decelerating effect and invite you to think, switch off and draw strength. The new music leaves room for ideas and feelings for the listener. It gives the listener what he or she often does not encounter in today’s everyday life.

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