Salonière Anna

According to Walter Benjamin, the salon is a “box” from which history, the “world theater” and the fate of the individual can be viewed. In spring 2010 the pianist Anna Heller initiated a salon in Munich that is committed to combining literary texts, classical music and scenic design. As a rule, the focus of the evenings is on the outstanding representatives of literary history, who also provided important impulses for intellectual and social life in their respective times. The tension between artistic creation and life-world constraints as well as the answers of these writers to the eternal themes such as love, power, war and peace, freedom etc are recurring themes of these evenings. The literary works, letters and diary entries are linked with corresponding musical works to match the topic. Music in various instrumental and vocal settings unfolds the effect of the texts and creates the special atmosphere, which is also reinforced by the scenic implementation. The combination of the different genres creates a new art form. The “Munich KlassikSalon” series cooperates with the theater group “Post-it Productions” and the director Jörn Mensching. The salons can be booked either as a complete work or individually compiled or redesigned by arrangement. Contact me for more details:


Clara Schumann (2010)
Madame Pompadour   Info  (2011)
Rumi – Oriental dreams   Info (2012)
Sappho    Info (2012)
George Sand   Info (2013)
Henry Miller  Info (2014)
Nietzsche   Info  (2014)
Hemingway   Info (2015)
Ringelnatz   Info (2015)
Shakespeare Quartett (2016)
Oblomov’s dream – a Russian interlude (2016)
The Schwabing Countess – Fanny zu Reventlow, Rilke & Frank Wedekind (2016)
Faust: “Here I am human, here I can be” (2018)

Piotr Tchaikovsky: “Between Paradise and Hell” (2019)

Three strong women: Anna Karenina, Madame Bovary and Effi Briest (planned for 2020)