Martha Gellhorn, the first modern investigative journalist, meets Hemingway in a bar in Havana. Almost ten years younger than Hemingway, a self-confident war reporter from an influential family, she is confronted with a man who not only shares her preference for casual outdoor clothing. The passion for the trouble spots of the thirties and forties, their unadorned reports from the war front, but also the joy of hunting big game and offshore sailing unite the two writers.

In the proven, entertaining-poetic combination of text, music and scenic interpretation, the 8th part of Anna Sutyagina’s Salon illuminates the lives of the two writers in Spain, Cuba, Africa and their journalistic and literary work during the Second World War.

The musical framework is provided by compositions for voice, trumpet and piano by Arcas, Bernstein, Copland, Gershwin and Kabalewski.


Martha Gelhorn and
Ernst Hemmingway

People in the stream