Piano evenings with light design – a creative combination of sound, color and light!

The abstract nature of the music and the piano sound is complemented or made more precise by light and color. Rhythm and sound movements are supported by animation and video projections. & Nbsp; The creation of the music is visualised through concrete (projections by the pianist) and abstract image sequences.

Light as an embodiment of the music

The light is not an additional effect, but a complement and design of the music – and, in contrast to a music video, it is not connected to its own statement, but rather it rounds off the listener’s experience.

Together with the music, the light forms an extended template for stimulating the concert-goers’ own imagination, which is otherwise not guided by specific guidelines.

Lighting concept and production design: Hans R. Weiss

Concerti-IlluminibottomBu¦êhnendesign Beispiel 7 Bu¦êhnendesign Beispiel 2 Bu¦êhnendesign Beispiel 11  Bu¦êhnendesign Beispiel 10